Roll Label FAQ's


If you require quantities greater than 10,000 or have any further questions, please contact us.

Turnaround time for roll labels is 7-14 days. They are shipped using UPS or Fedex.


At Stickernut, we can customize medium to large quantities of roll labels with various options to fit your label needs.

First, we will explain the THREE types of roll labels we print: BOPP, Paper, and Polyester.


What are BOPP Labels?

Polypropylene (PP), also known as polypropene, is a thermoplastic (pliable with heat, then solidifies when cooled) polymer (repeated subunits) used in a wide variety of applications. The terms polymer and resin are often synonymous with plastic.

BOPP: Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene: is polypropylene film is extruded and stretched in both the machine direction and across machine direction. Biaxial orientation increases strength and clarity.

In a nutshell, it is a rugged, fatigue and moisture resistant, low toxicity plastic that is stretched this way and that to create a thin, flat surface perfect for printing on. Manufacturers can make BOPP clear, opaque, or any translucency in between.

Available in clear, white or silver brushed, Stickernut BOPP labels allow one to showcase their product in ways that enhance rather than hide it. 

Stickernut BOPP Label specs:

  • They are waterproof and UV proof. 
  • They can be frozen or immersed in water and are perfect for food labelling. 
  • High humidity does not affect our labels.
  • They are resistant to acids, bases and solvents. 
  • They have a 2 Mil thickness (1 Mil = 0.001inch) 
  • We can print in white, or white and CMYK, or just CMYK, so let your rainbow loose! The ink is opaque on clear material.


Paper labels are the most popular and cost-effective type of labels that we offer, and can be utilized in a variety of applications and forms of branding. Used on beverage products, indirect contact food packaging, health and beauty products, hobby items, etc.

We can print CMYK, CMYK and white, white only, or black only on paper stock.

Here are a list of Stickernut options for paper stock stickers:

  • White bright paper permanent
  • White bright paper removable
  • White opaque paper permanent
  • White semi-gloss Litho paper with freezer permanent
  • White classic crest paper wet-strength permanent
  • Estate #4 paper permanent
  • Silver foil paper freezer permanent
  • Pink fluorescent paper permanent
  • Red fluorescent paper permanent
  • Green fluorescent paper permanent
  • Orange fluorescent paper permanent
  • Yellow fluorescent paper permanent

Definitions of the above different paper stock:

Permanent vs removable adhesive: Permanent: like labels on shampoo bottles, they are intended to stay on for the life of the product. Removable: you want them to stay on for a long time, but when they need to come off, they remove cleanly but with a bit of force.

Freezer Permanent: label choice for any product that must be refrigerated or held in cold storage or freezer conditions. 

Litho: This is an uncoated, white, matte paper stock that is suitable when you want a material that won’t smear if you were to write or type on it.

Classic Crest Paper: This is a brand of paper. Unmatched luxury, dependable results and best-in-class quality. Excellent formation and uniform surface ensure an incredible print performance that stands the test of time. Reliable. Remarkable. Classic.

Wet-Strength: A measure of how well the web of fibers holding the paper together can resist a force of rupture when the paper is wet. Wet-strength stickers are most often recognized on beer and wine bottles.

Estate #4 Paper: A brand of paper that is leader in uncoated label paper, chosen by printers for their unmatched performance and specified by brands to complement brand image. Known for its bright white colour and ribbed texture.

Fluorescent: This is a brightly coloured uncoated stock that is available in pink, red, green, orange and yellow. It’s useful when you need a paper label that stands out. It comes standard with a permanent adhesive.


Polyester is a category of polymers (repeated subunits) that contain the ester functional group (chemical compounds that react in a specific way) in their main chain.

In a nutshell, polyester label material is very strong due to its chemical composition, and is therefore used for more challenging label application which calls for more durability, abrasion resistance, higher heat resistance and UV stability.

At Stickernut, we use a 2 Mil top-coated, polyester film. It is designed specifically for end-uses where very good adhesion, good chemical and temperature resistance is needed. This material is used for indoor and outdoor labels or labels that will be used in harsh environments. (1 Mil = 0.001 of inch)

Stickernut polyester labels are available in white (semiglossy) or silver (metalized, matte coated). We can print in white, or white and CMYK, or just CMYK.

All three types of roll labels (BOPP, Paper and Polyester) have these options that consumers can choose:

1. Finish: matte or gloss lamination, or matte or gloss varnish.

2. Wind: Top of Label dispenses first, Bottom of label dispenses first, Right side of label dispenses first, Left of label dispenses first.

3. Perforations between roll stickers or not (allow for easier tear off).

4. All shapes available: square, circle, oval, rectangle or custom die cut.

Standard on all Roll Labels:

Roll core diameter is 3”.

Roll labels are printed using an HP Indigo 6900.

At this time we do not offer a choice as to how many stickers per roll.