Polyester Roll Labels are for durable, full colour packaging

Polyester Roll Labels are for durable, full colour packaging

Published by Karen Gendron on 24th Jan 2019

Polyester Label material is very strong due to its chemical composition, and is therefore used for more challenging label application which calls for more durability, abrasion resistance, higher heat resistance and UV stability.

Polyester is a category of polymers (repeated subunits) that contain the ester functional group (chemical compounds that react in a specific way) in their main chain.

At Stickernut, we use a 2 Mil top-coated, polyester film. It is designed specifically for end-uses where very good adhesion, good chemical and temperature resistance is needed. This material is used for indoor and outdoor labels or labels that will be used in harsh environments. (1 Mil = 0.001 of inch)

Stickernut polyester labels are available in white (semiglossy) or silver (metalized, matte coated).

  • We can print in white, or white and CMYK, or just CMYK, so let your rainbow loose!

As with all of our roll labels, there are a few options that consumers can choose:

  1. Finish: matte or gloss lamination, or matte or gloss varnish.
  2. Wind: Top of Label dispenses first, Bottom of label dispenses first, Right side of label dispenses first, Left of label dispenses first.
  3. Perforations between roll stickers or not (allow for easier tear off).
  4. All shapes available: square, circle, oval, rectangle or custom die cut.

Roll core diameter is 3”.

Roll labels are printed using an advanced inkjet UV printer that achieves up to 720 x 720 DPI.