Magnets: B2B and more sticker terminology

Magnets: B2B and more sticker terminology

Posted by Karen Gendron on 19th Mar 2019

Stickernut offers business card magnets.

Business Card Magnets

Printed magnets are a unique and practical way for you to grab the attention of your clients.

Business cards are a timeless and popular marketing tool, used by small business and large companies alike. But magnetic business cards will make your company stand out! These custom business card magnets can fit in your clients' wallets while also acting as a mini billboard on your prospective customers' 

These magnetic business cards are an excellent method to remain top of mind with your customers. You'll see them on most homes' refrigerators, boilers, heaters, electrical panels, freezers, welders, or furnaces. These magnets will make your message stick.

Are you looking for something a little more “custom”?

Check out Loud Mouth Promos to find a magnet that is completely custom to you, and exactly what you want.

More Sticker Terminology

A review on the basics:

Stickers: When pressure sensitive stock (or adhesive stock) is printed or illustrated for decorative or branding purposes it is usually referred to as a sticker. They generally come individually cut.

Labels: When pressure sensitive stock is used to identify a product or contents of a package, indicate a destination on an item being shipped, or differentiate items for organizational purposes they are usually referred to as labels (i.e., mailing labels, size labels, beer labels, etc…). Labels come in individual sheets or on a roll.

Decals: When a pressure sensitive stock is used to decorate or brand an item for extended periods of time (place on glass, porcelain or metal) they are usually referred to as decals. Decals usually come with an implication of permanence, so you’ll often find them being used for signage purposes.

Roll Labels/Stickers: Stickers and labels can be printed in a continuous line and then rolled onto core cylinders. The purpose of this is most often for machine labelling.

Stickernut Roll Labels come with your choice of finish: matte lamination, gloss lamination, matte varnish, gloss varnish or no finish at all. What is the difference between lamination and varnish?

Varnish: Varnish is a liquid finish applied via the printing press to seal in and protect the ink on the printed surface. It is available in gloss or matte, and is usually matched to the coating of the underlying stock.

Lamination: Lamination is a thin polypropylene film applied to the surface of the paper after printing using a roller. It provides excellent protection, and is available in both gloss and matte. The sheen and texture of lamination is much more pronounced than varnish, and gloss lamination is very shiny, while matte lamination is very smooth.

Machine Labelling: The main purpose of roll labels is to provide stickers in a format where they can be applied to products by machine.

Roll Position/Orientation: The space between each sticker and the direction they are facing on a roll needs to be set properly to allow the machine labellers to work properly.

Un-wind: When determining the orientation of the labels on a roll it is done in relation to the direction the roll is un-winding in.

Perforation (“perfs”): Roll labels can be used for distribution by hand. Perforations can be made between stickers so that they can be easily removed from the rolls.