Inspirational cut lines from Youtuber: Vancity Adventure

Inspirational cut lines from Youtuber: Vancity Adventure

Posted by Karen Gendron on 22nd Jun 2021

For a little extra inspiration, we will show you what our customer, Youtuber: Vancity Adventure, decided to do with his cut lines.

First of all, you don't need cut lines to order from Stickernut! You don't need graphic design experience or programs at all.

What do you need to make stickers at Stickernut? You need your awesome design, jpg, pdf, or whatever file that you'd like to make into stickers. That's all you need. Whether you want a basic shape, or a die cut shape around your artwork, we will make that cut line for you - for FREE. Then we email you a free online proof to approve so you can check that the cut lines we provide will work for you.

It's how Daryl, from Vancity Adventure gets his sticker cut lines. But his have a little extra flair: added hashtags.

Hashtags are the indexing of digital marketing, so it's best to get them out to anyone who may get their hands on your stickers. What better way to get your hashtags into some passive advertising?

Below are some examples of how Stickernut can add hashtags to the edge of your stickers without interfering in the design: (The pink lines are where the stickers peel from the backing, and the green lines are the outer edges of the stickers.)

Drop us an email, or send us a DM if you have any questions - and be sure to check out Youtube's Vancity Adventure.