Customer Service is the Bottom Line

Customer Service is the Bottom Line

Posted by Karen Gendron on 4th Apr 2019

As I grow as a small business owner, I understand more and more the importance of customer service.

Customer Service is the bottom line.

Owning a business is not just about the money. It’s about understanding my customer’s needs and providing them with a service (and product) that they are looking for - all with an easy progression. After all, customers are not just purchasing my product - they are purchasing my time and effort.


Everyone can provide a quality product, or at least the same low to middle quality product. We all know that most things are made overseas, but if you’re lucky, you will find something that is made in Canada (I choose Canada because that’s where we live, and that is where we make our product). No matter where you live, it may be important to you to purchase products that are made locally, or at least more local to where to you live versus something imported from overseas.

I don’t have anything against imported products. The point is: anyone and everyone has access to the same products and what sets those competing businesses that sell the same products apart is customer service.

Customer service - What’s the difference between bad customer service and good customer service?

Quick answer: The assistance received from someone who is going to work for the paycheque and leaves their brain at home, versus someone who has knowledge to share and takes responsibility to find the answers.

I came across this issue myself just recently. (Ironically, my name is Karen. And I often call to speak to the manager.)

Karen wants to speak with the manager

Without going into great detail, we sometimes buy stickers to check quality and do research and development of our own. I ordered some stickers from a company, and made it abundantly clear that I do know a little about artwork, but because I do not know their production process, I need to know exactly what is required of me to be able to produce the best product. (Just to point out: it is a new process to me as it’s not something that we offer, so I truly knew nothing about it - I wasn’t just out to be vindictive or difficult). I spoke with someone at customer service who provided me with very little information, and also spoke with a salesperson who offered to intercept my artwork and check it to make sure that everything was in order. If someone did intercept my artwork, they obviously didn’t understand what I was looking for.

Needless to say (and sadly, I’m not surprised) that 50% of my order is not useable.

I’m frustrated because I went out of my way to make sure they had what they needed, and if they didn’t have it, I provided it. I told them I’ve never done this before, so I need help. I spoke with multiple people about my concerns, but to no avail. I paid for something that made me sad.

we love what we do

As a business, we cannot please everyone all the time. I know that I can provide all the information and answers, but it doesn’t mean that people will read it or listen to it. I know that it takes effort on both sides to work together and understand each other in order to make something work. It is my job to educate the customer to make them understand the product and the process prior to placing money on something that will make them sad if it's not what they're expecting.

When my customer purchases my time and effort as well as my high quality product, I am proud to say that I offered the best that I could, and sold my expertise and knowledge as well as the product. I don’t condone going to work for the paycheque, and leaving my brain at home. I don’t condone using no common sense or no critical thinking skills.

At Stickernut, we give you the best quality product as well as our knowledge and expertise. Due to the nature of our business, custom designs are one of a kind, so it makes our job that much more difficult. We're not just selling a pair of pants that can be returned. We try our best to accommodate any and all requests because stickers are what we do, what we love, and what we know about. We wouldn't have it any other way!